Who We Are

AfterViolet is a boutique innovation consulting firm based in Los Angeles supporting clients around the world. We design products, services, and experiences that drive profitable growth for our clients. Our diverse Fortune 500 career experience and entrepreneurial success yield a universal viewpoint that is critical to delivering usable, profitable solutions.

About Us - What We Do - Profitable Design
Profitable Design means our left and right brains work together to deliver solutions that consumers need and successful businesses demand.
About Us - Who We Are
We design for consumers and companies simultaneously. Our solutions speak to consumer behavior and a profitable P&L statement.
About Us - How We Work
The sharing of financial risk aligns incentives and emphasizes AfterViolet’s commitment to the long-term success of our clients.

What We Do

Above all, we design profitable products and services. Profitable Design, our process that blends left brain analytics and right brain creativity, integrates the financial, operational, and marketing needs of the business with the behavioral needs of the consumer.

How We Work

We are driven by the commercial success of our work: bringing profitable growth to our clients. During our careers inside Fortune 500 companies, we learned that aligned incentives are the main ingredient in delivering results. To that end, we prefer to align our financial risk with our clients, making some or all of our fees dependent upon the real world outcome of our solutions.


Certified minority owned business NMSDC