“We knew we had a mine, but AfterViolet’s insights helped us find the gold.”

Stan LermanCEO, Evolution Management

The Brief

After purchasing a toy company, Evolution Management’s first task was to evaluate hundreds of toy concepts. Although successful in bringing many consumer products to market, they understood that a successful in a new industry would require category experts. Evolution Management engaged AfterViolet to determine which concepts held the most commercial potential to justify the significant, long lead-time development costs.

Cliccors Crashors Case Study brief

The Insight

Within the portfolio of toys was a simple ring of articulated linked parts that had previously seen moderate commercial success. Playing with this ring was extraordinarily satisfying: the snapping and popping of the ring, due to the joints moving into place, provided a soothing release. The ability to change the shape of the ring without having to assemble parts allowed for construction without the mess and awards a sense of accomplishment. We realized we could unleash the potential of these attributes by combining two traditional play patterns, crashing vehicles and transformation, in an entirely new way.

Cliccors Crashors Case Study insight

The Result

AfterViolet developed a concept for a highly articulated vehicle. Young boys are highly stimulated by crashing cars, so we created the messaging “Speed, Crash, and Recover” to speak directly to that emotion. AfterViolet then collaborated with an engineering design firm to develop the vehicle and its articulating system of parts. Recognizing the potent benefits of the emotional and physical connections between the toy and the user, all major toy retailers have expressed interest in the Cliccors Crashors toy line. The line is planned to launch in the Spring of 2015.

Cliccors Crashors Case Study result