“We found working with AfterViolet to be invaluable to our development process. They brought a level of expertise and innovative thinking that both informed our approach and allowed us to make the best possible decisions related to merchandising and consumer appeal.”

Lampton EnochsManaging Partner, Moonbot Studios

The Brief

Moonbot Studios combined vivid story telling with educational gameplay in The Numberlys mobile app. On the heels of the app’s success, the studio decided to develop the story into a full episodic cartoon targeting pre-schoolers. Moonbot engaged AfterViolet to ensure the story content and visual design of the characters addressed the developmental needs of the pre-school target market while maximizing merchandizing opportunities.

Moonbot Studios Case Study brief

The Insight

Despite the pre-school level subject matter, Moonbot studios developed The Numberlys to appeal to an audience of all ages. While this approach is often successful in entertainment, it does not necessarily provide potent elements for developing a successful merchandise licensing program. AfterViolet worked closely with the studio to establish story content and visual assets that would ensure both entertainment and merchandising success. We addressed pre-school developmental needs (physical, emotions, cognitive and social) and licensee manufacturer concerns as they pertain to their ability to manufacture products successfully from a property robust with product potential.

Moonbot Studios Case Study insight

The Result

Together we developed a framework for The Numberlys to be developed into a successful merchandising property. Moonbot is currently developing the animated series and building a merchandising program, both of which are set to launch in 2015.

Moonbot Studios Case Study result