The Brief

Optus, the second largest provider of telecommunication services in Australia, engaged AfterViolet, Proto Partners and Reactive, working collaboratively, to explore and synthesize future consumer pathways. The goal of establishing these pathways was to inspire the development of products, services and experiences for 2018 and beyond. To help identify key motivations, values, behaviors and channel preferences, 15 different types of primary research were conducted, including ethnographies, interviews, surveys and the development of 10 representative ‘personas’.

Optus Case Study - The Brief

The Insight

In the telecommunications industry, consumers value reliability and streamlined provider interactions. Consumers expect their services to work without interruption, want their services at a reasonable price with no overage surprises, and appreciate proactive problem solving from their provider. Consumer interactions should ideally be small in number, thoughtful, and focused on reliability, consistency and proactivity.

Optus Case Study - The Insight

The Result

The cumulative research data was distilled into 25 concise, detailed consumer pathways. Each pathway comprised multiple phases broken down into steps that included the “jobs to be done”, emotional needs, and pathway inspired solutions. Optus will use the collection of completed pathways to design new and improved services as well as plan for the technology and infrastructure needed to support these services.

Optus Case Study - The Result