The Brief

After purchasing one of the world’s greatest properties, a major entertainment company was looking to further build on the momentum of the highly successful motion picture releases by creating a flagship store worthy of the property’s lore for both devoted and casual fans. The company sought out AfterViolet to design an experiential retail space that would engage the whole family, with special consideration for women, complete with a lounge area for food and beverage. AfterViolet was also asked to provide the strategy and guidelines for the wide variety of merchandise the flagship store would offer.

Retail Experience Design Case Study brief

The Insight

While shopping together on vacation, a family’s experience often involves impatiently waiting around for others. For this highly themed retail space, we needed to design two groups of experiences: individual experiences for each member of the family and larger interactive bonding experiences to unite the family.

Retail Experience Design Case Study insight

The Result

AfterViolet developed an elaborate yet feasible 30,000 square foot concept that was widely praised within the organization. The concept combined both existing and emerging technologies in inventive ways to create highly impactful, immersive, story-driven experiences. The AfterViolet team involved more than 30 members of the organization in the development of the concept to address its wide-reaching scope. In order to facilitate implementation, AfterViolet presented the final work to over 300 executives and employees. We are unable to disclose the timing of the project’s implementation, but are excited to see the design come to life.

Retail Experience Design Case Study result